Why Women Can’t Play Football

On Monday we had a brief look at England Women’s game against Germany at Wembley last weekend. What we hadn’t realised, was that the women on the pitch were in fact not playing the Football that we know and love. The following letter was written to the i-Paper, run by The Independent.


I watched the England-Germany women’s football on TV. Why was it screened? Women  can’t play football. They don’t even know the basic rules.

When tackled, they get up and play on. They don’t pretend to be hurt. They don’t dive. They don’t get opponents sent off. They don’t wrestle at corner kicks. Worst of all, they don’t hassle the match officials. As any fool who has watched the men’s Premiership knows, that is not the way to play football.

David Hickey


Bravo David Hickey, bravo.



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